Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Mother
April 2010
Cafe Royale 800 Post St @ Leavenworth

I'm having a show at Cafe Royale, opening this Thursday April 1st. I'm really excited to show all new work in what is officially my first solo exhibition. I worked hard on it and despite my last minute jitters I was very pleased with the show when I installed it last Sunday. The largest piece in the show consists of three painted wood panels, 9'x6' all together. I began this piece in November last year in hopes of covering some new grounds by challenging the size by which I normally paint (which is substantially smaller). It worked- it was definitely a challenge! But also satisfactory art piece and ready on time for the opening. If you don't get a chance to catch the opening, the show will be up the month of April with regular business hours of noon to midnight weekdays, and noon until two in the morning if you're so compelled to visit on the weekend.

These are some drawings from Sketch Tuesday, an event at 111 Minna. I've participated in it about three times now and it is always a blast. Artists are invited to draw at tables set up in the middle of the room so viewers can see the whole artistic process as its being done. It was a bit unnerving the first time but once you get in the flow, the crowd has great energy. Normally I'm by myself, or maybe with my boyfriend making art so it was a step out of the average to approach art as performance.


These are some of the pieces I made in the last year. I worked with quite a few concepts using animals to explore human ideas. The monkey is so close to us on the evolutionary chain that it can be difficult for me to look around my neighborhood (the tenderloin) without seeing the primal behaviors in humans.