Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The American Albino Alligator

(click on image to enlarge)

This painting is for a Thursday Night party in March at the California Academy of Sciences. I am truly a fan of this institution and was extremely excited to contribute art to an event taking place there. The new building (2009?) is a very beautiful, advanced, self sustainable structure dedicated to the Natural Sciences, but I remember the old building from years ago. I grew up in Santa Cruz, about a two hour drive to San Francisco, and my mom used to take me on trips there as a child. There was a large Alligator pit, much like the current one, and you could stare down at these ancient creatures which were very impressive, all be it quite inactive. I very much enjoyed these trips and find that today looking back on my early experiences with the natural world I can't help but give them credit for my adult passion and connection to nature. Some day I'll have to retire to a calmer place, where the gators run free (but hopefully not too close by) and I can take my shoes off and reclaim my place in the larger scheme of things: as a lonely human on a big planet.

The Messenger, an Albino Snake