Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Art, Hearing the Music

Red Devil Lounge Mural, the theme of the piece is temptation.

the left side...

the right side...

     Life works in mysterious ways, and after a long and not so unusual series of meetings I ended up with two new projects around music. One project was a poster I made for musician Roem Baur, and the other was a mural I painted last week for the Red Devil Lounge, a live music venue on Polk Street. I found these projects to be especially exciting because in a loose sense, it's a cross genre collaboration. I wanted to get a sense of what these fellows did, while making Roem's poster I listened to his album over and over (I obviously liked it too, so it wasn't strictly for research), I was trying to get a sense for what he was really expressing as an artist. And while meeting with Jay, not quite as intimately but on a personal level I wanted to understand the character that he wanted to give the club based on his beliefs of what the Red Devil meant to him. It was an enjoyable interchange all the way around and rather than promoting food products, or something else I care for equally as little, I got to spend time thinking about music, and in the end, I got to go see Roem perform and I experienced a show at the Red Devil Lounge, both of which were memorable and a total blast. If you didn't know it already, dancing is good for your soul.

Here's some links if you'd like to know more:

Roem Baur poster in progress, just the face
Roem Baur posters