Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Lust for Life' exhibition

 If you didn't get to see Lust for Life In person, here's the next best thing, a digital tour! I went by the Gallery today and took a bunch of pictures to document the installation:

Left wall as you walk in the room, installation flowers with framed paintings in center

I'm so Happy I could Die, three part painting

Wheat paste wall paper installation and title wall painted by yours truly

Vagina wallpaper

View from the interior of the second room

Let's go Party Girl

I Heart the Tenderloin

Partied out Jesus

Fountain of Decay, with surrounding flower installation

Fountain of Decay, detail

Happiness, a three part painting

F*ck Yeah I'm Alive

DMT Mary

DMT Mary, detail

Baby in Space, and Holy S*it
Interior of the third room, looking back
Pan study, Bright Future, and OMG
Oh S*it for Reals?, The Hero, and For Love or Fear
Looking to the last wall in the third room, my monster of a painting, Lust for Life and flower installations
Lust for Life, detail
flower installation detail
Extreme close up, all hand made tissue paper flowers, with a little help from my friends