Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whats next...

Well the show was a success and thank you all who came out to enjoy it with me. My big painting found a home and that makes me so happy because I really did put a lot of work into it. Hooray. I took some pics and brought down the show last Sunday... so whats next?! Well, I'm getting fired up for the next round of paintings. I'm really excited about this series but to be honest my favorite work is always my most recent. I've done most of the research (finding image references and such), and I've gotten a break (finally the weather has broke for my biking to beer picnics), and today I found some amazing vintage frames so I have a few panels to build, then it's back to the lab to hide out for a while. I feel like I'm bursting right now, which is a good feeling. This generally happens after a little break in which I get to replenish my tapped out inspiration and start a new. Then my seams get stressed and I have more ideas then I have ability to paint! What a good feeling to have. And then back into the painting process, and then my energy gets tapped, at points its drained... but we'll deal with that when we have to. Right now it's all about whats coming up. So look out for the next show!

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