Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PMS Fantasy

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This is a painting for a Monster Show at Project One Gallery. I decided to go with something content wise that I could relate to, with modifications of course. In doing research for a female movie monster to fit in with the theme of this show, I came across this very powerful image of the 50 ft Woman. She's definitely still sexy, but not sexy drooping in a man arms sexy which works for me because although I would like to bring my feminine prospective into the male dominated group shows that I participate in, I didn't want to make something too cutesy. I like to push the ideas that I have of my self as well as pushing my audience when it comes to what might be considered feminine art. One may think that in this day and age, sexual orientation doesn't matter and for the most part I agree. But still I find myself tucked neatly between the lines of majority male names on the roster of artists when I show, and a smart lady friend once told me to highlight your differences, make the things that make you different stand out in a positive way. So here it is, PMS Fantasy, a wild mad raving character that I think most woman can relate to and probably scares a decent amount of men.

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